Executive Search

Executive Search

  • Direct recruitment often takes a lot of time, money and effort, but the quality of employees does not always meet the expectation of the business, especially in the case of senior personnel.
  • Our high-level recruitment service provides solutions for enterprises to find the most suitable candidates for HR manager and senior manager positions in almost all fields in the Vietnamese market.
  • Use the services of Vinh Thuy to find the right person consistent with company culture!


  • Access potential candidates easily
    Through their existing relationships and extensive networks, high-level recruitment service providers can reach out to potential candidates for higher-level positions more easily.
  • Save time and effort
    Instead of posting job advertisements, waiting for the applications and manually reviewing the records of hundreds of candidates, you only need to read and analyze the information of some of the brightest candidates from the selected list.
  • Save costs
    High-level recruitment services save you a great deal of money in the areas of job posting on recruitment websites, profile reviewing and screening interviews.
  • Recruit more accurately
    Recruitment agencies with a deep understanding and experience in the human resources field can help you make the right choice and find the right candidate for the job and your company's culture.
  • High security
    High-level recruitment often requires high confidentiality. Therefore, depending on the requirements of the business, the high-level recruitment service provider can help find qualified candidates through established business relationships rather than having to conduct advertising or posting.


  • An extensive candidate network 
    After nearly 10 years of operation and development, Vinh Thuy has built up a wide and diverse network of candidates who meet the necessary skills and experience in many fields such as telecommunications, information technology, banking, trade and retail.
  • Recruit quickly
    The experience our experts have in networking and screening and interviewing candidates using the ability and behavior testing system, means Vinh Thuy can provide suitable candidates in accordance with the criteria of the business while exceeding time expectations.
  • Sustainable connectivity
    At Vinh Thuy we value talent but also sustainable connections. To be a perfect bridge between employers and employees is one of our fundamental aims at Vinh Thuy.  We look to employ candidates who are more engaged with the business than the industry's average.


  • Vinh Thuy supports recruitment of high-level positions in most sectors in Vietnam market, such as telecommunications, information technology, banking, commerce and retail.
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