Vinh Thuy Co., Ltd.

Vinh Thuy is a human resources service provider with over 10 years of experience in providing human resource solutions for hundreds of domestic and foreign businesses.

Working with Vinh Thuy allows customers to focus on their strategic planning business development rather than worry about personnel and related administrative activities.

Why Choose Vinh Thuy?

With nearly 10 years of experience working in human resources, in particular specializing in providing for domestic and foreign enterprises, Vinh Thuy is highly skilled in delivering these services and has an in-depth knowledge of labor law.

  • Legal clarity
    Vinh Thuy's human resources services consists of different service packages with clear legal regulations that comply with the law.
  • Transparency and fairness 
    Vinh Thuy works with the motto: "Fairness and transparency in all activities", ensuring full benefits for all employees and business owners.
  • Advanced human resource management software and system 
    Vinh Thuy invests in long-term infrastructure and specialized software for human resources in order to improve accuracy and speed while reducing costs and time to implement projects for businesses.

Vinh Thuy Providing Services

  1. Outsourcing Services or Subcontracting
  2. Payroll Services
  3. Executive search
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