• Managing compensation and benefits can become a burden even for the most experienced executives.
  • Transfer the boring work of calculating compensation and benefits to Vinh Thuy in order to focus on business development instead.
  • Vinh Thuy's Compensation and Benefits management service helps enterprises carry out accurate and timely compensation and benefits operations with high security as well as minimizing legal risks.


  • Save time
    Using our Payroll service, businesses can save time and resources to focus on other professional activities.
  • Increase efficiency
    Our Payroll service is provided by a professional unit using modern management system software and advanced technology. Our highly qualified staff makes payroll work faster and more effective.
  • Reduce the cost
    With a team of professional staff and equipment system available, our Payroll service helps businesses minimize costs thus controlling their budget more effectively.
  • High security
    Our Payroll service possesses many experts and uses advanced technology to help identify and alert businesses to fraudulent or payment information security bugs.
  • Avoid the risks associated with the law
    Government rules and regulations often change which makes it difficult for businesses to keep updated. With a team of professional staff, our Payroll service helps businesses minimize the risk of administrative fines, such as late submission of tax returns or errors in calculating salaries.


  • Better budget control with fixed rates
    The outstanding advantage of using Vinh Thuy is that we provide a professional compensation and benefits Management service with a fixed rate, which can help a company manage its budget more effectively and provide rational estimates.
  • Punctuality - high accuracy
    During nearly 10 years of operation, Vinh Thuy has successfully undertaken hundreds of compensation and benefits actions on time with a performance accuracy of 99% and received many positive reviews from customers.
  • Simple - efficient - solve problems quickly
    With nearly 10 years of experience, Vinh Thuy's professional staff are always looking for simple solutions to optimize the management of compensation and benefits. In addition, Vinh Thuy's well-known IT system helps to manage payroll effectively, as well as to detect and solve problems quickly.


Vinh Thuy currently provides Payroll service that includes the following:

  • Making a labor contract.
  • Managing employee profiles.
  • Compiling a register list of labor increases and decreases for the Bureau of Labor
  • Compiling a register list of Social Insurance, Health and Unemployment Insurance, a registration of new Social Insurance and a registration of Health Insurance
  • Performing monthly payroll including salary, bonus and subsidy
  • Making payments on behalf of employees (if any)
  • Making receipts on employee-related allowances (including social insurance benefits, etc.)
  • Creating monthly income tax reports and balancing personal income tax every year.
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