Founder's Message

Dear valued customers,

My name is Nhan Quoc Vinh, founder and CEO of Vinh Thuy. My perspective on living and working can be summed up in three words: "Transparency, Justice and Ethics".


I have been working in the human resources field for nearly 20 years and have worked in various positions from HR Consultant to HR Manager. After starting off as a bachelor in mechanical engineering at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, I realized that the new subcontractor field was my passion and where my ambition lays.

As a child of the West River Area, I understand the hard work but also inadequacies of workers in my homeland. They are hardworking and industrious, but often lack the professionalism needed to integrate into the workplace, so they still suffer from having heavy workloads with low pay. This situation always troubled me during my time as a student. When I first worked in the subcontractor field, I realized that this was a way to help people with stable incomes create better futures for themselves.

In 2009, after 9 years of experience and skill development, I decided to establish Vinh Thuy. It is like a spirit child that I built with all my heart and desire to create a transparent, fair and international working environment for employees and businesses.

Nhan Quoc Vinh Mr. Nhan Quoc Vinh


At the end of 2011, many Vinh Thuy employees decided to change their jobs with a salary difference of about 5%. This is not a new story in the field of personnel. However, it made me struggle with the question: "How can Vinh Thuy's personnel be stabilized to ensure production efficiency for customers?"

After conversations with employees, my associates and I decided to add to our corporate policy more benefits, such as increased salaries, bonuses, promotion opportunities, training and certain binding provisions for employees.

In my view, this solution really works. In 2012, the company began to take new steps and build a strong bond with its employees. Vinh Thuy became a trusted partner of influential foreign corporations such as Total, Avery Dennison and Dupont, and was the first company committed to providing subcontracting services for up to 3 years.


In 2013, when the investment wave of multinational companies started to rise, there were many opportunities for the human resources sub-sector in general and for Vinh Thuy in particular. Due to good preparation in the previous period, Vinh Thuy staff met the work requirements and international quality standards of multinational corporations. However, the culture of business cooperation with foreign partners remained quite different. Therefore, instead of choosing to develop quickly, I chose to stay idealized and grow in a sustainable way. At this stage, my associates and I made many tough decisions to maintain Vinh Thuy's original "Fairness and Transparency" principle. For example, we ended cooperation with partners that showed no respect in business cooperation and fired company employees who lacked transparency when working.

This might have slowed down the company’s development, but to me: "Doing business in any field requires ethics and morality." And I still keep to that view today.

"To help companies optimize their business. To enable employees to work in a professional and international environment with standards that are fair and transparent." This is what I and my associates at Vinh Thuy have been doing and are trying to achieve in the future.

Over the years of construction and development, I am very happy that Vinh Thuy has reached a steady position in the human resources market with a stable number of customers including big companies and large enterprises from overseas.

On behalf of my associates, I would like to express my gratitude to the customers who have cooperated with Vinh Thuy over the past few years. We will continue to improve and create more value for businesses as well as workers in the future!

Nhan Quoc Vinh

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